RenderMan Art & Science Fair 2018

Join the RenderMan team at SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver for exciting talks and a closer look at Pixar’s flagship renderer, and in our feature presentation, the RenderMan Art & Science Fair, learn about exciting new tech at Pixar!


renderman-science-fair-2018-960px RenderMan Art & Science Fair 2018


This year we are celebrating RenderMan’s 30th Anniversary with amazing demonstrations of cool new Pixar R&D technologies, along with our Feature Presentation which will showcase RenderMan’s incredible new workflows.

Grab a drink, meet the RenderMan team, chat with colleagues, and see what’s new for RenderMan in 2018.

How can I attend?

RenderMan Art & Science Fair is an invitation-only event at this time.

Siggraph Parties

15 August 2018

Vogue Theatre
918 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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